Options Integrating Data in the N4U Environment

To serve scientific research communities of neurodegenerative, white matter and psychiatric diseases, N4U is offering different datasets with different access rights.

NeuGRID offers 3 main access rights:

OPEN ACCESS: downloading and analyzing these data from neuGRID is free – as soon as users sign the N4U form available below no other restriction or formalities are needed.

FACILITATED ACCESS: the analysis in neuGRID is possible only after obtaining an account from ADNI and permission for the intended use. ADNI will issue an account to anyone requesting unless exceptional circumstances. The N4U Specific Support Centre (SSC) will facilitate data exploitation by uploading the data into a private user area in neuGRID.

RESTRICTED ACCESS: access is restricted exclusively to co-workers or collaborators of the PharmaCOG Consortium. Authorization from other external users to access these data must be obtained from the owner Consortium, such as PharmaCOG, by submitting an application and eventually signing an ad-hoc scientific agreement.