CLINICIANS can carry out single case analyses of 3D structural MR and FDG PET scans to extract diagnostic markers for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias (hippocampal/medial temporal atrophy and cortical hypometabolism).

Scans are anonymized when uploaded to the infrastructure and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Markers are extracted by comparing the scan to recognized and representative normative datasets.

Specific tools available for clinicians are AdaBoost, Freesurfer, and SPM. Please consider that these are not medical devices and that they are not intended for medical use.

SPM performs a voxel-based analysis of FDG-PET brain images for the assessment of neurodegenerative diseases, by the detection of hypo-metabolic patterns due to pathological conditions. The detection is obtained by the comparison between the PET signal of the single subject under analysis and a reference PET database of normal subjects. The present version of SPM makes use of the FDG PET EADC healthy controls dataset as the normative dataset and template. This has been made possible thanks to the support of the following contributors: Philip Scheltens; Bart van Berkel; Wiesje van der Flier (Amsterdam). Giovanni B. Frisoni; Anna Caroli; Barbara Paghera (Brescia). Flavio Nobili, Silvia Morbelli; Andrea Brugnolo (Genoa). Mira Didic; Eric Guedj (Marseilles). Robert Perneczky; Alexander Dredzga (Munich).